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If you’re looking for something which is useful for university or college, in order to streamline your business operation, EDUCATION / SCHOOL ERP, is certainly the best solution.
ERP is designed to flow the information between every stockholders such as students, staff, parents, alumni etc because it is beneficial to increase pellucidity of institutional policies, students motility and speedy processing of documents. An ERP software creates leisure in the time & efficacious factor which is very important for the educational institutions.


  • In-built GPS assisted bus monitoring system with facility for parent’s login through secured Mobile Phone App swith visual indication of stops covered and the expected arrival time sat forth coming stops
  • Text alerts (SMS) /Mobile-App notification–configurable by school based on parent’s mobile
  • Text alerts (SMS) /Mobile-App notification–configurable by school based on parent’s mobile

Communication with Parents

  • School notices, Message to individual parents, Feedback/Grievances from parents etc.

Attendance system

  • Integration with any attendance recording system used by school–In-School& In-bus.


  • Backed by the latest cloud technologies and a very scalable platform
  • Integration with existing school IT System/ERP

Benefits to Parents :-

Involved, Updated, Aware

  • B Know what was taught in the day
  • Know the home-work, items to practice/work on
  • Know the attendance, presence/absence
  • Academic performance snapshot


  • Guaranteed access to school communication

At Ease

  • Safetyand Security of Children

Our ERP systems for College/Schools enable you to :-

  • Student Management System Included in All Modules
  • Front Desk Management
  • Admin, student & staff login
  • Student profile
  • CCE & Student performance card
  • Online Registration Management
  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Student/Staff Attendance Management
  • Student Events / Activities Management
  • Online homework submission
  • Examination Management
  • Library Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Multiple MIS Report
School Management System