Job Oriented Training

Job Oriented Training

Job Oriented Training

Job oriented training empowers people to realize their dream and improve their lives. This program emphasizes on real time live project work & environment learning.

In these days, simply having a degree is not an agreement of employment, nor it is a positive indicator of the particular scope in a job. Maximum of the graduates must have always current and good relevant knowledge, practical experience, soft skills, more dedication and focus on the work, as this positive attitude will allow them to be competitive in the job market. The Industrial Training component of the undergraduate curriculum integrates a fundamental component in the drive to strengthen the key ability, required to improve the graduate's capacity to workA job-oriented course is a course that has a definite career path such that you find yourself with a job after completing the course, for example, computer science and IT. These are common job-oriented courses in the software field. A course in computer science or related subjects can lead to a job in software development, web development, or IT engineering in any organization. Due to the wide range of options in these courses, job roles are varied and interchangeable in most organisations.

As an employer, you understand all too well the cost of hiring and training new employees.

Employer Benefits:

  • Reducing the cost of hiring and training.
  • Providing pre-screened applicants for your position - you decide who to hire.
  • Reimbursing you for a percentage of the wages during the pre-agreed training period. Reimbursement rate is based on the size of your business.

Employee Benefits:

  • Providing employment to workers.
  • Workers can earn as they are learn.
  • Workers receive job coaching during period of training.

A successful organisation requires better business and IT alignment.

If you are experienced in the pursuit of excellence in IT, and looking for challenging opportunities to actualize your fire within, look no further.

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