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In past decades, digital media linked to gaming was initially thought as slot, a limited trend which will dim over years. But in now a day’s gaming has become one of the most profitable firms of media world wide, with million of players contributing their full dedications.
This make gaming services more worthwhile & fruitful & also be a feasible marketing equipments for various industries. We have seen across many companies use gaming services as their digital marketing strategies. On the other side we see that digital marketing efficient in promotion of gaming services, with some enthusiastic marketing campaigns designed to promote equally enthusiastic video games.

Over the years, we have developed dozens of games for Android as well as Apple.

Browser-based multiplayer online game (BMOG) are a special case of multiplayer online game (MOG), or massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), or even in some cases an MMORPG, in the form of a browser game. The term could also be applied to many other browser-based competitions.

Canaan Online or Runescape are examples of browser-based MMORPG.

In order to run in a web browser, the client-side implementation must be a client side solution such as HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Java or a browser plug-in. Unlike a stand-alone client or video game, being confined to a browser limits to some degree the extent to which 3-D rendering can be supported. BMOG’s can be seen as an evolutionary development of browser-based implementations of board games or forum games.

With this success rates on both ends of spectrum, gaming has become feasible elements of various digital marketing strategies & provided extra degree of bilateral activity achieved before.