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Custom Software Development

Innovitt global is focused on custom software development for greater flexibilities and growth. We offer custom software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project with less stress and less cost. Our teams are well qualified and expertise to power you at every stage of your product development lifecycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement.

Custom software development is the design of software applications for a particular user or group of users. It is also designed to address the needs, precisely as opposed to the more conventional and widespread off. Benefits of software development provide limitations of the off-the-shelf software. Designing the app in your own organisation needs an consideration, implies an increased level of productivity.


Let us help you outperform the competition and achieve outstanding revenues with your product. Simply click the button below, and a solution expert will get back to you.


IPR Protection

We take your intellectual property rights very seriously. To make sure your ideas stay yours, we sign a strict NDA from day one to secure your exclusive ownership of the codebase and other deliverables.Intellectual property rights are at the foundation of the software industry. The term refers to a range of intangible rights of ownership in an asset such as a software program. Each intellectual property “right” is itself an asset, a slice of the overall ownership pie. The law provides different methods for protecting these rights of ownership based on their type

Best-in-Class R&D Unit

Our team of results-driven R&D experts will support you at any point during the product development cycle. Whether you face a strategic pivot or hit a roadblock — we’ve got you covered all the way.It covers activities such as basicresearch, fundamental research, technology development, advanced development, concept development, new product development, process development,prototyping, R & D portfolio management, transfer, etc., but generally is not considered to include technology licensing, innovation management, IP management, corporate venturing, incubation, etc. as those are sufficiently independent activities that can be carried out without the presence of a R & D function in a firm.

Custom soft dev

Rock-Solid Guarantee

Every contract includes guarantee clauses to ensure that we complete your project on time and on budget. You will also get a 6-month warranty obliging us to fix major and critical defects discovered upon project completion.


Market and competitive analysis

Feasibility study and proof of concept

Finding new business and monetization models

Business and technology innovation

Developing a multi-platform strategy


UX and UI Design

User journey mapping

Identifying technical, business, or usage constraints

Wireframing, mocking up, and prototyping

Setting usability metrics

A consistent user experience across all platforms

Development and Testing

A robust and flexible back-end

Enterprise-grade information security

DevOps-powered continuous delivery process

A fully-fledged automation framework for web

End-to-end manual testing, including functional

web development